CXZH Security & Antivirus 7.2 is an award-winning mobile security app that provides complete security and privacy protection for over million users around the world. With three international independent test agency approved certifications, CXZH Security & Antivirus 7.2 not only offers superior antivirus capabilities, privacy protection and anti-spam features, but also covers your Android smartphone with real-time Internet, online shopping and banking, social chat and games account protection, boosts your mobile speed and secures your mobile world completely!

  1. New interface design

    Latest design concepts, high-end, friendly and easy to use

  2. Powerful mobile optimization

    Mobile Speed Booster to find and remove unnecessary processes so your phone works as its optimal level

  3. Comprehensive account protection for Internet, online shopping and banking, social chat and gaming accounts

    Now with enhanced game and social account protection, against all mobile threats

  4. Optimized antivirus engine

    Deliver up to 30% more efficiency in faster and more accurate virus scan

  5. Enhanced mobile acceleration

    Add garbage cleaning function, completely accelerate cell phone

  6. QR Scanner

    Quickly detect and remove malicious links hidden in QR codes, eliminating opportunities for potential fraud and scan QR code